Rotation is the essence of bearing.

What we did

Brand design

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Graphic design

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Movement is what gives the force!

Rotazi is a bearings remanufacturing company founded in 2016 and when we started the project, they still needed a name to call their own. To create the brand name we chose the most relevant word related to the product: Rotation. The history of bearings is confused with the history of the wheel. However, it was in the Leonardo da Vince sketches that the first ball bearing was found (which in many details is similar to current bearings). We put the story together with the essence and translate it into Italian: Rotazione, we customized the name and created something unique.
With the name we have created, we have made progress in the identity and development of the brand universe. As a result we have a young, modern brand that stands out significantly in comparison to the competition.