Grazie Napoli

A piece of Naples in Santo Andr茅 – SP.

What we did

Brand design

路 Visual identity

Digital design

路 Web design (UX/UI)

路 Web development

路 Social media campaign

Graphic design

路 Restaurant menu

路 Placemat

路 Packaging

路 Advertising

路 Stationary

The meeting between the traditional and the authentic.

When we thought about the identity of Grazie Napoli, we had to find a counterpoint because, although the pizza served was the traditional Neapolitan pizza, certified by the AVPN (Italian association that proves the authenticity of the Neapolitan pizza), the pizzeria, geographically, would not be in Naples and its customers would not be Napolitans.
We were inspired by the industrial architecture of the house, with apparent pipes, antique furniture, cement and lots of wood. We forgot Naples and began to think about what would truly be representative and unique. We developed an exclusive typography using parallel lines, inspired by the industrial beams and chose the famous pizza ovens, translated directly from Italy, as a symbol to compose our identity.