As Coisas Falam

It is possible to be who we are in our home.

What we did

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Our house is a place of affective, active and pulsating memory.

As Coisas Falam is a project that aims to reconnect the individual with its own home. Through the sensitive and delicate look of the architect Luciana Constantin, responsible for creating the methodology and guiding this reencounter, people have the opportunity to transform their house into a home, awakening their roots, connections and inspirations.
Our inspiration for the project could not be less poetic. To find a visual language for the project, we look for inspiration in the thoughts and meta-schemes of one of the greatest names in the history of Brazilian art, H茅lio Oiticica. His quest was to lead the individual to the discovery of its inner creative center, of its expressive spontaneity asleep, conditioned to the daily life. A return of the subject to himself, rediscovering and freeing himself.