Veiga & Associados

Corporate group

In 2015, Veiga & Associados has become a group of companies to expand its area of operation.

With this change, we are responsible for creating the visual identities of the three new companies, L. E. Veiga, Veiga Partners and VCapital.

Logotype L.E. Veiga Business card
Stationary L.E Veiga Stationary L.E Veiga
Logotype VCapital Business card
Stationary VCapital Stationary VCapital
Logotype Veiga Partners Business card
Stationary Veiga Partners Stationary Veiga Partners

Veiga & Associados group is present in all pieces with its symbol. We also created a graphic for each company so if we combine a few pieces, we can form the letter ‘V’ of the group.

Stationary combination Stationary combination