The Burger Map

We <3 Burgers

The Burger Map

80 burgers in 15 days.

Burger Map was created by two brothers in love with hamburger in 2011.
Inspired by the book Hamburger America, of George Motz, they went out for an expedition to USA in search of most traditional American burgers.

According to legend, they eat 80 hamburgers in 15 days.

The American way of burgers.

The concept was already set. All elements of the visual identity should contain the American essence of a young and relaxed way.
So we customized the Horndon typography. It has the touch we are looking for and with a few adjustments, we got the result we wanted.


During this period, we saw hamburgers everywhere. Even in the core of the letters, that form the name of the burger shop. And then came the symbol of The Burger Map.


From 2011 to 2016, a lot has happened. The Burger Map grow up – Mucci also – this way, in 2015, we made an update on the logo to create responsive versions that work better in some applications.


Here are a few items that we created over the years of work!

Printed materials Printed materials
Menu Cup
Plate Plate
Menu Business card
Event artwork Event artwork
Event artwork Event artwork