Rotazi is a remanufacturing bearing company founded in 2016 in São Paulo – Brazil.

When we started the project the company didn’t had a name yet. Our challenge was to create their name and visual identity.

Names using acronyms, no!

We began our research by analyzing names of bearings companies. We realized that most of the names are created from acronyms or names of the founders. We wanted to escape this scenario, creating a name from a concept that stood out from the competition …

Looking back on history.

The history of bearings is intertwined with the history of the wheel. But it was in the records generated by Leonardo da Vinci that was found one of the first sketches of a ball bearing (which in many details is similar to current bearings).

So we began to think of Italian words to create the company name.

Among the words related to the product and service we defined a keyword that has most creative potential: rotation.

We understand that the rotation is the core of the bearing. It is the movement that gives it strength.

Rotation translated into Italian is rotazione.

From the word rotazione we created a unique name by taking out the last three letters.

Stationary Logotype
Stationary Stationary
Mug Folder
Uniform Uniform
Boxes Boxes