Grazie Napoli

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Grazie Napoli

A piece of Naples in Santo André – SP.

Here at Mucci everyone loves pizza. The creators of Grazie Napoli are not different, but they are passionate about a specific type of pizza. Uncommon in Brazil, they went to Naples in search of La Vera Pizza Napoletana to learn the preparation of the traditional way.

The meeting between the traditional and the authentic.

When we thought of Grazie Napoli identity we had to find a counterpoint, once the store would not be in Naples or for Neapolitans. The only traditional thing would be the pizza.

So we were inspired by the industrial architecture of the house, with exposed pipes, antique furniture, lots of concrete and wood.

We forgot Naples and started thinking about what would be unique.

Architecture and decoration Architecture and decoration

So, we developed a unique typography using parallel lines inspired by the visible industrial beams in the restaurant.

Typography Grazie Napoli

Grazie Napoli Symbol

Understanding a little more about the concept of the house, we realized that the two ovens brought from Naples to Brazil would be primarily responsible for providing the legit taste of Pizza Napoletana.

Imported directly from Italy and exclusives in Brazil, we elected them as a symbol of the visual identity.

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Learn more about Grazie Napoli and take the opportunity to book a table!