Weekly beer tastings did part of the project.


The Goodbeer4all is a beer club subscription.

We were very excited to work on this project because we love special beers and also it is a great challenge to work with an online subscription club. We had to break a sweat (and restore it with beer) to accomplish the entire project.

In the first few conversations about the project, we understood that we should create a fun, lively and striking visual identity.

Poster Poster

So, we chose to create a logotype exploring the company name with a unique hand-drawing lettering.

Lettering for GB4A

We created the kits delivery boxes, materials for branding – booklets with information about the beers, promotional posters, pieces for social media – and a bottle opener to give as a gift to club members.

Booklet with beer information Booklet with beer information
Bottle opener Bottle opener
Kit box Kit box
Kit box Kit box